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VIDEOHOLICA 2014 (7th International Video Art Festival)

VIDEOHOLICA Association, Varna


VIDEOHOLICA Association is a non-profit organization based in Varna, Bulgaria working in the organization, realization, support, establishment and development of diverse contemporary art and cultural interventions in Bulgaria and abroad trough the collaboration with local, national and international cultural partners. Bringing together and collaborating with artists, curators, art critics and other art professionals from all around the world, VIDEOHOLICA Association becomes a medium, where art-involved people, institutions and initiatives communicate and exchange ideas and experience.


VIDEOHOLICA Festival is designed as video art forum with international participation to present to the audience of Varna a remarkable and highly valuable program of video art works. In parallel with the video art screenings of VIDEOHOLICA, the events of the festival include exhibitions, discussions and workshops concerning video and contemporary art topics lead by established local and international art professionals followed by a reception with invited video artist. The festival events take place in traditional gallery and museum spaces and also in nontraditional outdoor / public spaces in Varna, virgin for contemporary art environment, or where it is less known.

Website: http://www.videoholica.org





Videoholica 2014 [7]

VIDEOHOLICA 2014 (7th International Video Art Festival)

1 - 7 August 2014, Varna


The seventh VIDEOHOLICA played thematically with the figure 7, presenting those comments on the moving image that are committed to decompose the audio-visual and conceptual matrix of the number 7, which is featuring multiple typical symbolic and meaningful encumbrances. 51 video art works by 47 artists competed for the official awards of VIDEOHOLICA - GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and BG VIDEOHOLIC.


VIDEOHOLICA 2014 was a host of a Panel Discussion on the subject Video art in a festival context – quality/quantity, mediation/curation, selection/collection, distribution/archive.


The program of competition of VIDEOHOLICA 2014 was combined in the thematic blocks 1/7, 7/8 БГ, 3/7, FACES 7, AniMe and 7/8 БГ.

The screening program out of the competition of the seventh VIDEOHOLICA included: the video art selection LONG SHORTS; the project Metabolizing Labor by Margarida Mendes (Portugal) and Jason Waite (USA); a documentary by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service and a selection of films by the American filmmaker Bruce Checefsky.


The presentation program of VIDEOHOLICA 2014 included two lectures: Political Languages of the Video by Iara Boubnova (Bulgaria) and History of Russian Video Art by Antonio Geusa (Italy). Three artists presented their works in an Artist Talk; among them were the Gold Videoholic Sanchirchimeg Vanchinjav (Mongolia/Germany), Leung Mee-ping (Hong Kong) and Arnaud Brihay (France). Two exhibitions have been opened in the frame of VIDEOHOLICA 2014 – the exhibition of young artists “7” and an exhibition with installation video art works LoopInc.