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Rules of the Support Programme – Attention: New as of 2017

1. Eligible Beneficiaries and Projects
    For financial support may apply:
      Individual artists living in Bulgaria or Bulgarian artists living abroad who work in the field of visual arts.
        Support is granted for the accomplishment of an art work (contributions to production costs like purchase of materials,
        technical equipment etc.).

    –  Curators, art associations or groups of persons of predominantly Bulgarian nationality who work in the field of visual arts
        in Bulgaria or abroad.
        Support is granted for presentations of contemporary Bulgarian art (contributions to the cost of infrastructure, premises,
        catalogues etc.).
        In general priority is given to curatorial projects.
    Applications for travel costs and fees for artists or curators cannot be considered.
    Neither projects in the fields of applied arts and cinema.

2. Funds 

    A total grant fund of 18 000 Euros is available annually.
    Individual artists may apply for up to 1000 Euros, curators/associations/groups for up to 4000 Euros.
    Given the limited funds, participants face strong competition and only highly qualified projects are taken into consideration.
    Depending on the number and quality of the applications the sums granted may be less than requested.

3. Advisory Board

    The applications are examined by an advisory board including the Swiss donor and four representatives of the Bulgarian
    art scene. Their mandates are for a set time.

4. Support Criteria

    The applications are examined in the order of their arrival and evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
    –  Formal criteria: adherence to the present rules; correct and comprehensive presentation of a portfolio/business plan.
    –  Quality criteria: feasibility and artistic quality of the art work; respectively feasibility, coherence and impact of the planned
        art event.
    The board does not enter into any correspondence regarding incomplete portfolios/business plans and justification of its
5. Application Deadlines

    Applications are usually examined once a year and the decisions are communicated within three weeks after the deadline.


    The deadline for 2018 is Wednesday, 21 March.

6. Payment Arrangements

    In principle, payments are made after presentation of invoices for the expenses (electronically or
    to P.O.Box 237, 1113 Sofia 13).


    As an exception, an advance payment of maximum 50% of the grant can be made on the basis of quotations or approximate

    Payments are made by bank transfer only.


7. Obligations of the Beneficiaries

    The beneficiaries are required to mention the support by the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award and add its logo on all information
    materials related to the supported work/event.

    The logo can be downloaded from DOWNLOADS section of this website.


    Not later than three months after the accomplishment of the art work/realization of the event the beneficiaries have to present
    an electronic documentation file/report in English and Bulgarian with all relevant materials attached to info@ruf-award.org.


    Excerpts from them may be included in the annual report on the Award’s website.