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Rules of
the Competition for the Exhibition „Finale” 2019

1. Participants
    Admitted are artists:
    –  working in the field of visual arts;
    –  living in Bulgaria or Bulgarian artists living abroad;
    –  born 1979 or later.

2. Portfolios
    Candidates are requested to submit by email portfolios with works of the most recent period (maximum 10).
    All forms of visual arts are accepted.
    Candidates have to bear in mind that works of very large dimensions cannot be presented in the exhibition.

    For further information see APPLICATIONS.

3. Jury and Curator

    The applications are examined by a jury including the Swiss donor and representatives of the Bulgarian and
    international art scene.
    The jury will select some ten most qualified portfolios.
    The chosen artists are invited to engage in a dialogue with the curator of the exhibition who will have a final say,
    which works will be presented and in which way.

4. Fee

    No awards or diplomas are delivered. However, each selected artist will receive a fee of € 600 which is also meant to cover
    the costs of a high level production and the presentation of their works in the exhibition.

5. Time Schedule 2019 and Exhibition

    The deadline for presenting portfolios is Thursday 4th April 2019.

    The applicants will be informed about the jury’s decision within three weeks.

    The exhibition will be presented at Structura Gallery in Sofia in mid October 2019.