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Plan for Action 1 

The Fridge, Sofia

The Fridge was founded in 2009 by Natalia Todorova and Ivana Nencheva as an experimental project and space for responsible art – art that will not accept to be patronised or castrated. Art that takes the risk of answering for itself.


2012 The Fridge joined efforts with the Social Centre Xaspel, sharing a new space, ideas and events, among them the Sofia Queer Forum, the Transeuropean Alternatives Festival, the Sofia Entropia Institute and many others.


Email: thefridge@mail.bg
Mobile: +359 878 930 097 / Todorova
            +359 878 658 803 / Nencheva
Website: http://the--fridge.blogspot.com



The Fridge Logo
Image courtesy The Fridge




The project Plan for Action consists of a series of exhibitions by different authors, who shall explore art as a completely free and therefore responsible act.

Our wish is to concentrate our energy and efforts on observing the artistic scene that develops itself into an independent but coherent environment while seeking to promote the contemporary art.


There were four artists invited to take part in the first edition, who (in our judgement) have the potential to bring forward quality art.

The only requirement we set for the authors was to present new and hitherto unshown ideas and works with a well defined and argumented aim.


Invited artists and their projects:

Georgi Dimitrov
Systematic Reduction

Website: www.larypsed.com


Mina Minov

Pretty People

Website: www.minaminov.com


Leda Vaneva

The More - The More

Website: www.ledavaneva.com


Georgi Sharov
Contact Zone

Website: http://georgisharov.com


The exhibitions do not have a common title, motto, statement or slogan, as usually required by

most administratively or institutionally organised art events.

The exhibitons will not have a curator. Instead they will include an open platform for discussion between the author and the audience.