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The Last Boudoir (a catalogue to the exhibition)

Ventsislav Zankov, Sofia

Ventsislav Zankov (born 1962) is a graduate (1988) of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia.


He has launched various artistic initiatives and curator projects, among them: Close-up Discussion Club (2004-2008); 39 grams newspaper (2005-2008); Ventsislav Zankov Contemporary Art Foundation (founded in 2009); Iron Medal for Contemporary Art (est. 2010); All about Him (2004-2008); White, Male, Straight (2002); [Zet_maG] e-zine for art and culture (1999-2001); [Elektrik_BG] mailing list for art, culture and communication (running since 1999).


Since 1997 he is teaching Painting and Multimedia at the department of Fine Arts at the New Bulgarian University. 2013 PhD thesis in Visual Arts, NBU.

A regular contributor to electronic and print art media, Ventsislav Zankov is a Bulgarian artist,

who works with painting, performance, new media and video.


Mobile: +359 887 519 794
Email: vzankov@gmail.com

Website: http://zankov.info





Ventsislav Zankov

Photo: V. Zankov

On 10th November 2011 Ventsislav Zankov's exhibition The Last Boudoir opened in the Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia. The monumental debris of eschatological figures were chained to separate cells, announcing the end of history and time, while the video archive of Limes Agoniae (1991-1992) ran in the background. Positioned into the context of the boudoir, this ensemble was a critique to all that had happened in Bulgaria for the last twenty years but also a symbolic act of putting an end to the Transition.


The exhibition is represented in a catalogue published with the support of Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, New Bulgarian University and Ventsislav Zankov Contemporary Art Foundation.