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Light Architectonic

Ivanov / Stoeva, Montreal, Canada

Dimo Ivanov and Sonya Stoeva are based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


They are Bulgarian artists born in 1986 in Sofia.
Ivanov graduated at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec in 2010 with Studio Arts and Stoeva - The National Art Academy of Bulgaria with a fine art degree in 2007.

Since 2010 they work as a team with projects and shows in Sofia, Bulgaria, Montreal, Chicoutimi, Gatineau and Sutton (Quebec). They had seven solo shows and multiple projects in larger exhibitions.

Ivanov / Stoeva received several scholarships and the Saguenay Art Residency, which commissioned them a work in the far North (on the Hudson Bay) of Quebec.

Web Site:  http://ivanovstoeva.com





Ivanov / Stoeva

Photo: Courtesy of the Artists

Light Architectonic

Exhibition at Antrakt Gallery, Sofia

September 2013


The project Light Architectonic is a continuation of our recent projects and marks our interest for the digital image. Our artistic research evolves around how the external reality appears to the viewer. The work is based on the viewer's perception and its environment. The topics of interest affecting this environment are: time, space and light - concepts that are beyond human reach, but act on our perceptions, our daily lives and our identity.


Our objective is to recreate an abstract world, based on optical illusions that differ from reality, but draws its sources from the tangible world. We are concerned with the problematic relationship between reality, its presentation and conventional ways of seeing. We created models that we photographed and reworked to generate abstract imagery. The background image is composed of a wall of light that seems to be bright with relief. This illusion of a cloud is generated by crumpled polyethylene which is inside an acrylic glass box thus strongly challenging the tactility. When transported in a different environment the luminous objects are the artefacts that construct reality. The white light used evokes associations of daylight and shows a relationship with the surrounding exterior. There occurs a crossover of illusionary image and exterior space that regards a work not as a closed entity but as an open multi-layered creative process. The works are not a representation of an object or a specific place, the photographs are mere starting points for the viewer, a world built from scratch, that only suggests an existing place.