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Stefan Marinov, Sofia

Born on 23.10.1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Lives and works in Sofia.



2008Graduated from 33th High School school St. Sofia, French Dept. 2009Started to study at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Krastyo Sarafov, (currently 4th grade)



Solo Exhibitions

2013Empty, + Tova, Sofia, (With support from Gaudenz B. Ruf Award)

2012Invisible Sofia, Museum of  Ohrid, Robev House (by an invitation from ARTerija - Center for Cultural Flow )

2011Invisible Sofia,  Cultural information centre Skopje, Macedonia

2011Invisible Sofia, Galery /+/ Sklada, Sofia, Bulgaria (as a part of  Sofia Architecture Week)


Group exhibitions

2010Haotic project, NATFA, Sofia

2009Group exhibition, NATFA, Sofia




Mobile: +359 884 694 225

Email: mistrel@abv.bg


Invisible Sofia project web site: http://www.invisiblesofia.com





Stefan Marinov

Photo: Stefan Marinov


"If there was something non-empty (asunyam),
there would be something that is empty.
If there was anything that is non-empty
how could it have something that is empty"

 - Nagarjuna


The photography project Empty is based on the concept of the internal perception of emptiness. According to a large part of the Eastern teachings, the emptiness of the consciousness is the highest form of existence. This definition is the basis of the project. However, it does not imply the lack of intellectual sense, but covers the overcoming of individual understanding of it.


Based on this belief, I started continuously to look for objects in our environment that provoke such feeling.


Thus Empty turned in an attempt for searching and representation of the emptiness, which, in fact, we can find everywhere around us. The aim of the project is to show their "beautiful emptiness" and to evoke its viewers the perception of emptiness, such as anyone can feel it for itself.


With the photographic project Empty, I throughout to acknowledge the beauty of the perception of “Emptiness" and wake up in its audience the question: “Is it possible, this to be the most “Complete” human state?”


“The emptiness is not an independent entity and is a feature of the form that created it"
 - Tensin Gyatso