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Mariela Gemisheva’s New Boudoir

Mariela Gemisheva, Sofia

Mariela Gemisheva is a fashion designer and a performance artist born in Kazanlak. In 1992 she graduated her Masters in Design from the Arts, Design and Architecture Academy in Prague. She has specialized in interior design (1990) with the Borek Sipek architect studio in Amsterdam. In 2007 she gained her PhD in Visual Arts from the National Academy of Art in Sofia. Her thesis coordinator was Prof. Lubomir Stoykov, PhD.

Mariela Gemisheva is a two time winner (1996 & 1998) of the “Golden Needle” award of the Fashion Academy. She was a nominee for: Designer of the Year Award (2006) of the Fashion Academy, the Woman of the Year Award (2008) presented by the GRAZIA magazine in the Fashion category and the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award (Shortlist 2008). Mariela Gemisheva also poses as a model in front of Aleksander Nishkov’s camera – Self-portrait (2008), Multi – Me (2012).

Associate professor Mariela Gemisheva is a member of: the Bulgarian Artist Union since 1995, the Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia since 2000. Since 2003 she has been teaching the Fashion Project discipline in the Fashion department of the National Art Academy in Sofia. In 2013 docent Mariela Gemisheva PhD celebrates her 20th creative and professional anniversary.



Mobile: +359 888 424 007

Email: mgemisheva@spnet.net





Cyclamen Profile (Mariela Gemisheva)
Photo: Aleksander Nishkov

The exhibition Mariela Gemisheva’s New Boudoir (2013) is an installation – a stylized lady’s boudoir that represents the personal space of a female artist and fashion designer. The project includes fragments of the artist’s work from the last 10 years (Out of myself (2003), Objects (2007), Self-portrait (2008), My favorite boudoir (2010), Drawings(2011)), that explore her own personality. The exhibition also includes specially created author objects, key elements of deformed boudoir accessories that represent the “fetishized female beginning“. The installation questions the conjuncture status of the Fetish, reviewed as a repeated value, commented and traversed in a state of difference that will be an element that feeds its relation to fashion – Fashion & Fetish.


The project is carried out in partnership with FAC (Fashion Art Center) Mariela Gemisheva. “The etiquettes that label the object-accessory with the tag FAC may be interpreted not only as “Fashion Art Center” but also as “Frequently Asked Questions” or as another popular English word starting with the letter F.” (Vasilena Mircheva, LIK magazine, October 2010)

The fashion designer Svetoslav Kolchagov is a guest in the Boudoir Project. He has been Mariela Gemisheva’s assistant in her main fashion projects from 1998 - 2003. He has taken part in “Objects in Female Gender” – classical boudoir objects (corsets, crinolines and dresses) specially created for Mariela Gemisheva’s New Boudoir 2013.