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Georgi Yamaliev, Sofia

Georgi Yamaliev is an artist who works in the field of contemporary art - installations, performances and video art. Central theme in his search is related with the problems, achievements, relationships and challenges in the virtual world and the increasingly developing new technologies and social, cultural and global issues and problems. He graduated in Art Pedagogy, Semiotics of Fine and Contemporary Arts.

Georgi has participated in prestigious festivals such as Sofia Underground- Performance and Contemporary Art Festival, M-tel Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, CON TEMPO Festival, Water Tower Art Festival, Low season at Theatre workshop Sfumato, as well as in many other exhibitions and projects in Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia and Romania.




Mobile: +359 899  453 456
Email: g.yamaliev@gmail.com










Georgi Yamaliev
Photo: Emilia Nikolova


On the basis of his own image and a series of black and white portraits of his colleagues, the author superimposed series of critical statements, questions, and comments related to hierarchical relationships in the world of art and the conditions in which appears censorship.

The interest of Georgi Yamaliev in this theme comes from his personal experience during a residency program and his participation in the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Morocco, where he and his Bulgarian colleagues have been censored by the organizers. The strong effect of this case brings to light the painful doubts and anxieties of artistic consciousness.

The author replaces the classic „black censor bar” and develops its universal significance with additional semantic levels by materials that he used: gold - commerce, mirror - vanity, white - innocence, translucent - uncertainty and metal as a power. The visitors will be able to remove restrictions censors, but not to see the whole image, and to understand more about censorship, to ask themselves important questions and to think about the problems.