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Kiril Kuzmanov, London/Sofia

Kiril Kuzmanov (b. in Sofia, currently residing in London) studied at The National School of Art, Smolyan, Bulgaria (1995 - 2000). He consequently received a BA (2007) and an MA (2010) from the Department of Sculpture at The National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Among his works linked with particular space are: What is passing through me, I pass through it (2009 - ), Structura Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; (Dis)appearance of the Content 2, (2013), Women’s Market and Sofia City Art Gallery; Project 0 (2010 - 2014), Kapana Distrcit, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Who Controls the Controllers (2009 - 2011), Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China; Untameable Is the Wind (2008 - ) within 11 countries in Asia.


His solo exhibitions include Ice cream and Aviation (2014); Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia (2017); What Is Passing through Me, I Pass through It (2009 -), Architectural Association, London, UK (2015); Chapter 36/50, ICA-Sofia, Sofia (2014).


Group exhibitions include Sex Appeal, One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia (2017); Art for Change 1985 - 2015, SCAG, Sofia (2015); 5th International Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, Romania (2012); Fragile, Atelier Tarwewijk Mijnsherenlaan, Rotterdam, Holland (2012); and Art of Urban Intervention, ICA-Sofia, Sofia (2011).


He is recipient of the Grand Jury Prize from the St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation and UBA (2006) and BAZA Award (2013).

Email: otkireto@gmail.com
Website: www.kirilkuzmanov.com


Kiril Kuzmanov
Photo: archive of the artist.

The Ongoing Line (2011 – ) evocatively links the natural particularities of Antarctica (Terra Nullius) to its larger setting. It facilitates insight into the greater global environment and the interrelation of its components.


The project begins with the process of laying (2014C environmentally friendly) magenta colorant on a carefully selected dry glacier snow-accumulation-zone. The colored surface is intended to cross the glacier perpendicularly, defining a slender strip along its entire width and eventually, through the annual snowfall, becoming one of its structural layers. The laid colorant is the starting point of a (suspense) process that will continue for an undetermined period until the colored layer reappears as a narrow horizontal line/drawing at the terminus (end/front) of the glacier. It eventually vanishes with no trace.


An essential element of the work is that it does not provide a finished object. Its appearance will be delayed until an unforeseen moment in the future as a result of natural processes and human activities on a global scale. The work comments on the assumption of what an 'object' is, how it comes to be, and how it is 'used'.


Kiril Kuzmanov