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RB/РБ Rada Boukova

Rada Boukova, Paris

Rada Boukova was born 1973 in Sofia. She lives and works in Paris.

Whether it is video, photographs, installations, objects or exhibition projects, she explores the remains of the ideological, economic, and social changes. To her, art is a game of forms and colors, but also a carefully chosen word or word pun, which is rooted in simple but unexpected formal analogies.

Selected solo exhibitions include What Energy Do We Put into Transforming Things, with Undisguised Pleasure, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv (2018); Magic Spring, Dream Art Fair, London (2017); Alice Georges, One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia (2017); The Sky Is a Color, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv (2014); Start a New Victory, FUTURA, Prague (2013); Un Sage est sans idée, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris (2013); Colour Blue, Stork Gallery, Rouen (2012); Me and a German Girl, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris (2011); Still-life, Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia (2009).

Rada Bоukova is represented by Sariev Contemporary since 2012.

Email: radaboukova@yahoo.fr


Cover of RB/РБ Rada Boukova catalogue
Photo: PUNKT Studio

RB/РБ is the first monograph of one of the most interesting contemporary Bulgarian artists Rada Boukova. The publication is a tool to seeing her art. It does not have first and fourth cover, it has no beginning or an end and can be read from both sides. It was published by Sariev Contemporary and launched during Rada Boukova's solo exhibition What Energy Do We Put into Transforming Things, with Undisguised Pleasure (6 September - 27 October 2018), held at the gallery space of Sariev Contemporary and the Catholic Church St. Joseph in Plovdiv.

The first presentation of the publication took place on 18 October 2018 at Ofr. Bookshop, Paris, in collaboration with Patricia Dorfmann Gallery.



Rada Boukova

Published by Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv, 2018

Texts by Jérôme Guigue, Daniela Radeva
Language: English, Bulgarian, French
pages 104, color, size 21 x 30 cm
ISBN 978-619-91195-0-1

The publication is kindly supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf Award.