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Sofia Underground Art Festival 2018 - what now / now what

Sofia Underground, Sofia

The team that organizes Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, since 2013, has developed through the evolving creative interaction between Studio DAUHAUS and eXAF.org - both experienced in the fields of visual arts, electronic music culture, design as well as cultural studies and art history, curating and arts management.

The teams of eXAF.org and Studio DAUHAUS work within a broad independent contemporary culture-scape, while focusing on its liminality as a generative condition. They work on diverse projects promoting a personal approach to visual arts and music, with a special emphasis on media arts and performance art, and marked with a taste for experimental collaborative happenings..

Email: info@sofiaunderground.com
Website: http://sofiaunderground.com


Sofia Underground 2018 Poster
Image: Courtesy Sofia Underground

what now / now what
Sofia Underground Art Festival 2018
Sofia, 26 - 29 April 2018

After the successful anniversary edition last year, Sofia Underground returned in April 2018 with a more concentrated program, conceptualized as a reflexion on the feedback of the past decade.

The topic what now / now what explored the definition of contemporary art in present continuous tense. The event opened with an international exhibition of documentation of performance artworks at National Gallery / Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art. In the course of three days it featured works by more than 30 artists, presentations, special performances by guest artists, a curatorial tour and a party.

The second part of the festival happened in the electro-control centre underneath the National Palace of Culture with a variety of interactive and collaborative performances. Sofia Underground continues its partnership with Visibility in Art Festival from Izmir, Turkey, which will include mutual content and artist exchange, workshops and residencies.

The video documentation of this festival's edition will be donated to the NG/SAMCA.