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Building Memories (a work included in the "Caution: Wet Paint!" exhibition)

Zoran Georgiev, Berlin

Zoran Georgiev lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He graduated with an MA in Painting from the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Georgiev works in the fields of installation, object, photography, painting and drawing. In his recent works he underlines the hollowness and the kitsch in state policies aimed at the construction or restoration of monuments and museums. As if the symbolism of the “new” past is nothing more than the expensive décor for a Bollywood production. With simplified form his works “unmask” the kitsch in the visual language of populist nationalism through a kind of authentic and raw objectivity.



Solo exhibitions

2014Nostalgic Future, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2012Capital, 0GMS Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;Temporary but Permanent, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Selected group exhibitions

2015Caution: Wet Paint!, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;Art for Change, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2014Prehod For Sale, ICA Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2013Transcending Cultures, Essl Museum, Viena, Austria;Never Ending Story, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2012Love, Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
In 2013 he received the ESSL Art Award CEE and in 2014 - the Young Visual Artists Award (BAZA).

Email: georgiev.zoran@yahoo.com
Website: www.zorangeorgiev.org





Zoran Georgiev

Photo: Zara Alexandrova

Destroying, overbuilding and replacing monuments seems to be a global tendency in the last few decades. Building Memories  is an installation of paintings and drawings on the occasion of the mutilation and visual pollution of the urban environment  with pseudo-baroque, neo-classical and medieval sculptures, castles, palaces, fountains, monuments and public buildings made of cheap materials like plaster, polystyrene and acrylic paint with brass effect. Each work symbolizes a souvenir of specific monument around the world. The paintings were installed in Sofia City Art Gallery as part of a group exhibition named Caution: Wet Paint!.