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Transformation Always Takes Time and Energy (a catalogue of Pravdoliub Ivanov)

Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv

Pravdoliub Ivanov was born in 1964 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

He graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia, where he is currently a lecturer.

In 1995 he became a founder member of the Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia.

Pravdoliub Ivanov has a strong presence on the international art scene. In 2007, together with Ivan Moudov and Stefan Nikolaev he participated in Vessela Nozharova’s curatorial project A Place You Have Never Been Before - the Bulgarian participation at the 52nd Venice Biennial. His works were also presented at the 4th Istanbul Biennial in 1995, at the 14th Sydney Biennial, Australia in 2004 and at the 4th Berlin Biennial in 2006.

Pravdoliub Ivanov’s works are part of collections such as: ERSTE Bank, Austria; European Investment Bank, Luxembourg; European Patent Office, Munich, Sofia City Art Gallery, Vehbi Koc Foundation, Istanbul and Tiroche DeLeon Collection & Art Vantage PCC Limited; private collections of René Block, Berlin, Nedko Solakov and Slava Nakovska, Sofia.


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Catalogue cover

Photo courtesy of Sariev Contemporary

Transformation Always Takes Time and Energy is the first retrospective catalogue of the Bulgarian artist Pravdoliub Ivanov. It contains a selection of works created between 1995 and 2013, including some very recent ones. The texts for the catalogue are written by Iara Boubnova and Walter Seidl.


Transformation Always Takes Time and Energy is an initiative of Sariev Contemporary and is published in cooperation with Janet - 45 Publishing House.


The catalogue is supported by the Ruf-Award and the Municipality of Plovdiv.