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Curatorial School 2019

Swimming Pool, Sofia

Swimming Pool is a non-profit art project space in Sofia focused on artist and curatorial research, collaborative approaches, experimental art education and art politics. It is located on a central rooftop with an empty pool built in the 1930’s.

We organize exhibitions, performances, screenings, events and discussions to support Bulgarian art locally and abroad, while opening up the local context to international artists, curators and writers. Swimming Pool’s aim is to create a space for joint thinking located on the periphery.


Since the founding of Swimming Pool, in 2014, Viktoria Draganova organizes its artistic program.

Email: contact@swimmingpoolprojects.org
Website: http://swimmingpoolprojects.org/


Viktoriya Draganova
Photo: Lyubomir Draganov.

Curatorial School 2019

Part of Swimming Pool Education Initiative


How can we foster independent curatorial activity? How do we share our knowledge and experience as well as internationalize our practice? What are the institutions our society needs today?

In 2018 Swimming Pool initiated a curatorial school and invited curators, non-curators, students, artists, writers to apply for a six-month experimental curatorial program in Sofia with focus on generating knowledge about the needs, urgencies and potentials of an art scene located at the global periphery. Our main interest was focused on the potentials of independent curatorial activity towards creating spaces where physicality is not a pre-condition.


In the first year of the six-month program that was located in Sofia, eleven participants took part, from Bulgaria, USA, Poland, Germany, Argentina. The program, initiated and conceived from Viktoria Draganova, was mainly based on reading sessions and discussions among the participants. Another focus was the school as a platform for joint thinking and art politics discussion with invited curators. In November, Swimming Pool organized a one-day public symposium on curating & project spaces, which was supported by Programa Kultura.


Central aim of the program was to allow every participant to curate a project. Within the frame of a project weekend, United Spaces (8-9.12.2018), each participant was asked to propose a space, in which to build a frame of investigation about the potentialities as well as responsibilities of curating within a certain societal, cultural, physical and imaginary context.


More about the Curatorial School could be found on its web page: https://swimmingpoolprojects.org/education/curatorialschool/