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Sofia Queer Forum

Collective for Social Interventions, Sofia

Collective for Social Interventions


Collective for Social Interventions is the organization running Social Center Haspel. This is the first social center to operate in Sofia, Bulgaria and the goal behind it and the collective is to bring together social, environmental, and political activists that are committed to a better world free of structural, symbolic and normalized violence.


The organization supports initiatives linked to the green movement, social movements, free and accessible education, political and economic alternatives, critical assessment of the current political economy, freedom of movement etc. As a whole the goal is to provide with voice the many restless and, through critical thinking and asking questions, to work toward alternatives to the presented status quo.


Email: sofiaqueerforum@xaspel.net
Web site: http://xaspel.net/queer/en/





Sofia Queer Forum Poster

Photo: Philip Panchev

Sofia Queer Forum 


Sofia Queer Forum is an event that investigates, with the means of contemporary arts, gender and sexuality as parallel systems through which we value ourselves and the others around us. These systems have a strong influence on all aspects of culture and society. The influence is, of course, two-sided. This is why in focus here is also the changing of the concepts “gender” and “sexuality” depending on social, political, cultural and medical factors that are inherent in a given time and space.


Sofia Queer Forum 2014 is dedicated to the concept Manifestations of the Personal and is curated by Stefka Tsaneva. It includes exhibitions, talks and screenings at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, the fridge & Social Center Haspel and The Red House - Centre for Culture and Debate. See full program here.


One of the Forum highlights was a group exhibition at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery. Participating artists were: Svetozara Alexandova, Kiril Bikov, Voin de Voin, Antonia Gurkovska, Ivo Dimchev, Stanka Koleva, Krassen Krastev & Paul Dunca, Lubri, Boryana Rossa, Natalia Todorova.


Sofia Queer Forum is organised by Social Center Haspel, the fridge and is being realized within the framework of New Left Perspectives.