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Publication of a catalogue of Analogue (Art Positive 2013)

eXAF, Plovdiv

eX Art Foundation (eXAF) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008. The aims and activities of the foundation are focused in the field of contemporary arts and culture. eXAF conducts the creative realization of debut artists’ visual arts projects and works to achieve meaningful communication between modern audiences and the art scene. eXAF focuses on presenting diverse, innovative, experimental artistic concepts, while also introducing to the modern individual the peculiarities of old traditions in the field of socio-cultural creation - rethought in a current context.


Practically, the activity of eXAF includes organizing exhibitions of visual artists, multi-genre public art projects; artistic competitions, open call projects, short-term art-residences; creative workshops for children and adults; lectures and public discussions - thematically attributed to contemporary arts and practices of contemporary culture. eXAF carries out most of its projects in collaborative relationships with other Bulgarian and foreign non-governmental cultural organizations and educational institutions.


Most of eXAF’s initiatives are realized in Plovdiv, but it is symptomatic that usually a project - realized once at a particular cultural space in a particular town - is afterwards re-presented in other spots and cities of the country. This practice aims at a better artistic-bound communication, including more audiences and broader sharing of artistic products in variable contexts.

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Catalogue Front Cover

Photo: courtesy eXAF



Analogue is the theme of Art Positive 2013 - the tenth and anniversary edition of the festival. The basic idea is to explore the condition of “analogue-ness” in terms of both ideas and materials. All participating art projects were required to use an analogue approach in their implementation.


This project focuses on a sensation - the “analogue” one - that has been treated recently as obsolete and on the research of possibilities for its relevant connections to the perceptions and demands of people of today. Different time realities have been mixed. The past has been actualized and transferred into the present and in the creative act it pushes the latter temporarily aside.


To follow the parameters of the “analogue” proved to be an exciting challenge for the artists and, in its turn, allured the audience to a provocative but as well a romantic and not less cognitive trip, in which the expressive possibilities of the analogue were to be re-discovered.



The catalogue of the exhibition, as well as more information and media archives are available at: http://exaf.org/en/projects/art-positive-13