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Small Fairy Tales

Monika Romenska, Plovdiv

Monika Romenska

1958  born in Plovdiv

         Lives and works in Plovdiv.



1988Specialization in Print at Studio Rössler, Leipzig, Germany

1983MA in Print, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia,


Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

1990Founding member of the Association of Plovdiv Artists (APA)

1989Founding member of the group for conceptual art Edge



2010Resident in Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2005First prize of the annual exhibition of Association of Plovdiv Artists



Selected solo shows

2009Between Earth and Heaven, Rousse Art Gallery, Rousse, Bulgaria

2008Between Earth and Heaven, Art Spectrum Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2003Angel of the Lost Hope, Artin Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

2001Possible Landscapes, Gama Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2000Belles de jour, ATA Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1999Swiss Fields Forever, Künstlerhaus Boswil, Switzerland

1998Mountains Are Media, EC - BAR, Zurich, Switzerland



Selected Group Shows

2012B - 612, Vazrazhdane Gallery, Plovdiv; ART 36 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011Large Size Drawing, APA Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2007Visual Immortality, Basel, Switzerland

2006Visual Immortality – 2nd International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Shumen, Bulgaria

2001The Dream of my Life, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2000Bulgarian-American Women Art Project, The Elizabeth Foundation Gallery, New York, USA

2000The Imaginary Temple, Aladja monastery, Bulgaria

1999Bacterium Bulgaricum Arts, Riga, Latvia

1999A Different View, Basel, Switzerland

1998The Archive, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1996The Art Image of the 90’s, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

1988Studio Rössler, Leipzig, Germany


Phone: +359 895 771 492

Email: banschi@abv.bg





Monika Romenska

Photo: Monika Romenska

Small Fairy Tales

Sofia Press Gallery, Sofia

14.02 - 07.03.2014

I adore fairy tales. They are more than poetry, because they are more broad-minded, more broadly expressed and more understandable. And more beautiful. And most important! ­– the life, alas, isn’t poetry, but a fairy tale. Sometimes awful, sometimes banal, sometimes unexpected, but always beautiful. And it’s everywhere. Sometimes fiction, sometimes truth, sometimes reflection of both. A mirror. Shall we wait for it to get broken to take its pieces off our eye, as Andersen tells? This could be seen and felt by different people in different ways. Isn’t this a fairy tale? The trick is in the loss and in the incredibility; and in the sense of these things – the biggest and the smallest together. And we among them. That’s it. Even miracles happen. The life is a fairy tale and…  je l'adore.


In the spring of 2010 I spent two months as a resident at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. The impressions of this stay inspired me to realize an exhibition from and to Paris, based on my photographs, viewpoints and reflections, without using Photoshop. These are fine art prints on handmade paper, the same paper I use to make my prints. The exhibition consists of 48 works with an approximate size of 50 x 35 cm and a photo installation on vinyl with a size of 250 x 300 cm.

Monika Romenska