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Utopia / Eurasia 2084

Ivo Bistrichki, Sofia

Ivo Bistrichki


Born  1971 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

          Lives and works in Sofia and Burgas.



1995  MA in Painting, Fine Arts Dept., Veliko Tarnovo University, Bulgaria.


The world is getting filled up. The global network is overloaded with information – politics, fashion, wars, religion, and a mix of past and present. New technologies and communications reshape all of that and present it in an exciting way.


Selecting the information, combining the known futuristically, by patterns with surprising facts,
I collect data bases of images and events. Making relations and associations between them, I concretize specific topics and images.


I deconstruct them. I put them under pressure, bending, cutting and drilling, place outlines of marks, lines and circumferences on them. I place them monochromatically, or as negatives, having different scales or surfaces. I change their contents.




Email: ivobistrichki@abv.bg

Mobile: +359 889 386 397

Website: http://ivobistrichki.com/


Ivo Bistrichki

Photo: Ivo Bistrichki

Utopia / Eurasia 2084

(national symbols of the totalitarian empire – flags, anthem, coat of arms, propaganda)


Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art

03.10. – 03.11.2013


Eurasia - Short Details


State Flag: Red flag with an all-seeing eye (indicating the single power)


Coat of Arms: an all-seeing eye (the presence of the slogan "Unity and Togetherness”)


State Anthem: After entering a war, the official anthem was replaced by marching. It sounds continuously every hour to remind the main cause of the regime.


Geography and Population: Eurasia occupies the entire continent of Europe and extends northeast to the borders of the former Russian State. It takes the place of some 50 countries and nations located there. Great Britain does not belong to this constellation, it is in the Union of Oceania. There is a population growth but a large number of people died in the first years of the war and the population now is about 700 millions.


State System: Neo totalitarianism. All power is fully centralized in the person of the Party and its leader. Religions are prohibited. Individual freedoms and human rights are most limited. The Leader is the Big Brother – an anonymous figure hiding behind the absolutized image.