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As far Away as Near

Kalin Serapionov, Sofia

Kalin Serapionov was born 1967 in Vratsa. Lives and works in Sofia.


He graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia.


His works were exhibited in: Hilger Contemparary, Vienna (2004); ATA Center/ICA-Sofia (2005); LBC Depot, LeicesterK, UK (2008); Neon Campobase, Bologna, Italy (2010); Olivier Boissière / Un Cabinet d'Amateur, Sofia (2012, 2013); ICA Gallery, Sofia (2013).


He participated, among others, in: Bulgariaavantgarde, Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich (1998); After the Wall: Art and culture in post-communist Europe, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (1999); Manifesta 4, Frankfurt am Main (2002); Blood & Honey. Future’s in the Balkans, Essl Collection, Vienna (2003); In the Gorges of the Balkans, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel (2003); Neither a White Cube nor a Black Box. History in Present Time, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia (2006); Heterotopias, Biennial of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2007); Zero Gravity, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv (2008); Sounds & Visions. Artists’ Films and Videos from Europe, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (2009); Techniques, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Sofia (2009); Indefinite Destinations, DEPO, Istanbul (2010); Roaming Images, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2011); Site Inspection, Ludwig Museum, Budapest (2011); Sofia Contemporary Festival, Sofia (2012); On Suspense of how to hide a bomb under the table, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery (2013).


He is a member of Institute of Contemporary Art-Sofia.


Phone: +359 887 867 174

Email: serapionov@gmail.com





Kalin Serapionov

Photo: Dimitar Dilkoff

As far Away as Near, 2012-2013


Videoinstallation; HD video (custom size), 4.0 surround sound, 10’14’’ (loop)

Sound Martin Loukanov and Angel Simitchiev


Kalin Serapionov has created his new video work titled As far Away as Near (2012-2013), premiering at ICA-Sofia Gallery, by combining meticulous footage of natural and man-made elements, strict selection, poetical associations and psychedelic rhythm. He is audaciously juxtaposing in the visual sequence 
a lunar eclipse, loaded with associations and metaphors from times immemorial, with the symbols of
 consumerism – blinking neon advertisements and objects from today, or rather – tonight.


The natural and the artificial; the eternal, at least within the human perspective on time, and the temporary, whose fragility is underlined by the burned out bulbs here and there; the near and the
far away – the video is suggesting a variety of opposites to be "contemplated". The author however, is not trying to "trick" the viewer into taking sides or analyzing the available options. Kalin Serapionov is creating a hypnotic spectacle while counting on the video genre to produce suspense without falling into the trap of cinematic narration. The soundtrack of the work is an especially composed ambient sound – a combination of the real sound from the video with additional manipulation through mixing other sounds and effects together that underline the psychedelic atmosphere of the work.