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Numerical Rows

Dan Tenev, Dimitrovgrad

Born 1958, Merichleri, Bulgaria

Lives and works in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria.

1987MFA in Printing, National Academy of Art, Sofia

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Numerical rows 000000/6N (Land Art), Merichleri, Bulgaria;
2009 Recent works, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Humanitas Homo Humanus, City Library, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria;

2004 The Technical of the Man, ADS Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Field, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2003 Economy, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 Identities, Shipka 6 gallery of UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Sofia Underground 1997 - 2003 Files, SАМСA, Sofia, Bulgaria;
TALKS - Video Narratives, Sofia University Culture Center, Art Project Depot;

2012 West Park Story, Open air art festival, West Park, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Idea for Home - Fire / Stone and Wood, UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Monsters and Fairies - An Inquest - Apology of the Fabulous Today, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Sofia Underground Festival, UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2011Unlimited Award for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Benchmark Center, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2009Shortlist of Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Reflections on Tomorrow, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
Born Independent, UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2008AKTO festival for contemporary art 3, Bitola, Macedonia;
All about Him, Goethe Institute - Sofia, National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2007Shortlist of Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Transformation, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Email: dantenev_2000@yahoo.com




Dan Tenev
Photo: Ani Mavrova

The project Numerical Rows is about the relation between numbers and things.


The realization has begun in February 2010 and continued to 2013.

Location coordinates 42°08'28.67'' N  25°29'13.25'' Е

The work is situated on a total area of 2 sq.km.


Photos and satellite imagery 2010 - 2012 seen with the help of Google Earth.