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Water Tower Art Fest 2013 - Temporary Protected Spaces

IME Assn., Sofia

Water Tower Art Fest 2013 was initiated and organized by IME Assn. and friends.


We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization working in the fields of art and culture, towards establishing collaborative connections with other international artists' organizations and artists themselves. We work towards art and cultural exchange, creating artistic communities and residencies furthering the practises of art for social change, and art centres in Bulgaria as a base for free thinking.


The IME Assn. was established for the support of cultural production and cultural life in the Balkan region, as well as connecting the region with other parts of Europe and the World.


The Association consists of independent, creative people, and as such a small organization doesn’t have the ambition to play the vast role of personifying Bulgarian culture, but simply wants to collaborate in creative ways to deal with cultural and social issues on a national and international level.


Phone: +359 898 312 030

Email: info@watertowerartfest.com

Website: http://www.watertowerartfest.com/





The team of IME Assn.
Photo: Galia Yotova

Water Tower Art Fest 2013 - Temporary protected spaces


Since 2006 the Water Tower Art Fest (WTAF) has been promoting a vivid demonstration of the richness and diversity of the cultural life in Sofia, and at the same time points to important but often neglected urban problems such as the decay of abandoned city spaces of national importance. WTAF provides not just an agenda for the solution of such problems, but also the means for it – through the artistic creativity and cooperation established between the participating artists and the audience the festival reveals the transformative power of art.


By opening up its artistic territory to a wide variety of artists of different nationalities, religions, social background and gender, the festival creates a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone feels not just secure but also empowered to transform their own life as well as the life of the city of Sofia. By combining the historical significance and multicultural heritage of the Water Tower in Lozenets with the inventiveness and originality of modern art, WTAF manages to subvert one more category of social borders – the divide between past and future – by demonstrating the intrinsic need of ascribing to the two, ostensibly opposite, temporal trajectories the common origin of social change.


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