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Point of Contact

Atanas Totlyakov, Veliko Tarnovo

Born 1975 in Pazardzhik.

Lives and works in Veliko Tarnovo.


MA in Graphics, Veliko Tarnovo University "St.St. Cyril and Methodius",


Selected Exhibions and Projects:

2012Library, a project of Peter Tsanev as a part of the exhibition Idea for Home;

2011Touch, a project funded by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF);

2011Sensory Worlds Project, Installation, Art Space NatureProgram, Edinburgh College of Art;

2010Border situation: The Drawing in Contemporary Art, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia;
Apollonia 2010 Festival of Arts, Sozopol;
2009Image - Hermetic Icon of New Age, international art project, University of Zadar;
Glagolitic Dictatorship, Utopian Art Project, a project funded by the ECF;

2008M-Tel Awards for contemporary Bulgarian art.

Email: kanatanas@abv.bg



Atanas Totlyakov

Photo: Atanas Totlyakov

Point of Contact is an installation art project which seeks to bear on the viewers using visual and tactile means. The installation was presented for the first time at Taralezh Cultural Initiatives Club, Veliko Tarnovo on 15.02.2013.


Elements used:

  - Visual: lit up and dark space, black material, colour digital print, acryl

  - Tactile (sense of temperature, sense of touch, sense of body movement): smooth and rough

    surface, solid objects, soft material, varied temperature in the separate installation spaces


The core element of the project is a wooden pentahedral box that is 19 cm high and with sides of 70, 16, 68, 16, 70 cm, respectively. The interior space is divided in two. There are two openings at the front used to reach into the interior and to a screen of specific shape and textured surface. The low relief of the engraved surface is explored relying upon the sensitivity of the fingertips. The protuberant and concave shapes lead to a small opening, inside which the fingers of both hands meet. The person touching will experience tactile images and a sense of encountering the body, the self.