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Art Today Association, Plovdiv

Art Today Association was founded in 1997 as a non-governmental organization working in the field of contemporary art. The association established Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, in the Ancient Bath premises, which provides an attractive place for contemporary art events and serves as a cultural platform. The mission of Art Today Association is to form a new cultural space which will engage in its activities society, local institutions and professionals in the field of contemporary art from Bulgaria and abroad.

Mobile: +359 888 529 224
Email: office@arttoday.org
Website: http://www.arttoday.org/site/news.php


The exhibition poster.
Photo: Courtesy Art Today Assn.



September 2016, Plovdiv

Curator: Emil Mirazchiev.

Art Theorist: Zivka Valyavicharska (New York)

Participating Artists:

Albena Mihailova (Switzerland)

Dimitar Kelbechev

Dimitar Mitovski

Emil Mirazchiev

Igor Budnikov (Canada)

Ivaylo Grigorov

Kolyo Carnations

Monica Romenska

Nadia Genova

Paul Albert (Spain)

Rumen Zhekov

Veneta Marinova

Contemporary Art Week is the first and only annual contemporary art event in Bulgaria. For more than 20 years, it has managed to position itself on the Bulgarian and European stage, with some of the most up-to-date and famous artists of the day. Each year, a curator is selected to draw up a concept that invites artists from home and abroad. The Week´s curators have already been the leading art historians in Bulgaria, with which the event is extremely contributing to the development of the native contemporary art scene.


Plovdiv Municipality and Goethe Institute are traditional partners of the event.

This publication focuses on the historical memory and the attitude of the state and the municipalities to the preservation and display of contemporary art.

The name of the EDGE ART GROUP MUSEUM reveals clearly our ambition to show the city that artists, through their art, have the potential to create a MUSEUM.

The EDGE Group is emblematic of the 1990s, when the totalitarian regime collapsed in Bulgaria and the country embarked on the path of democratic change. With its enviable creativity for 10 years with over 20 performances, the group has played a significant role for the positioning of contemporary art in Bulgaria. It was also the foundation for the establishment of the first Center for Contemporary Art in Bulgaria in 1995.


The project presents samples from the best exhibitions with real works of art, documents, films, archives. A monograph is to be published - a book, a catalogue of Rub, an important part of preserving the creativity of the group.