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Contemporary Bulgarian Art (Group exhibition at Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna)

Boris Kostadinov

Boris Kostadinov lives and works in Vienna. He is a specialist in the field of contemporary art, design and architecture.


Curator of numerous international exhibitions: Advanced Style, Lina Plioplyte, Otto Wagner Pavilion, Vienna, Shape your Life - WUBETT, Vienna, Signs of the Bottom Sides, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, Moleculart, Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia, Central - Galerie Ernst Hillger / Siemens-artLab, Vienna, International Video Art Festival Videoarchaeology, Sofia.


Kostadinov is the author of many texts for catalogs of exhibitions. He writes for international magazines such as: GQ, London, Spiegel, Hamburg, Abitare, Max, Rome, FAQ Magazine, Vienna, The Vienna Review etc.

Email: b_kostadinov@yahoo.com





Vasilena Gankovska, ''Motive with a house and a bush'', 2012, acrylic spray on canvas;  Photo: Ivaylo Mladenov

Between December 2012 and January 2013 Haus Wittgenstein in Vienna presented a group exhibition of contemporary Bulgarian artists, curated by Boris Kostadinov.


Artists: Vasilena Gankovska, Daniela Kostova, Michail Michailov, Maximilian Pramatarov, Kamen Stoyanov and Borjana Ventzislavova


All the projects are site-specific and specially created for the exhibition, The Keyhole of Mr. Wittgenstein. They are concerned, on the one hand, with the historical significance of Wittgenstein’s philosophy; on the other they analyze the actual building designed by him, which is considered the first modernist private house in Vienna.


The Keyhole of Mr. Wittgenstein presents video, painting, photography, objects and a performance. Some of the exhibiting artists have lived in Vienna for a long time and are familiar with both Bulgarian and Austrian cultural contexts. Thus they are able to provide a wide overview of the past and the present of the house.)

FAQ Magazine: http://www.faq-magazine.com/news/wittgenstein-now.html