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Veneta Androva, Berlin

Veneta Androva (b. Sofia, Bulgaria) is a visual artist who obtained a degree in history of art and philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin and also graduated in sculpture/fine arts from the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin.

With her background in experimental documentary film making and photography, in her recent work she is combining diverse medias and sources such as archive and documentary material with paintings, all related through animation and simulated environments.

She took part in numerous shows in Germany and Bulgaria, as well as in Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Israel, where she did part of her study at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2016-2017.

Androva is also the recipient of several scholarships, such as Mart Stam Scholarship (2015), Artist Scholarship from Cusanuswerk (2016) and was recently nominated for BAZA Award for contemporary art.

Her films have been selected to screen at numerous international film festivals, including: International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany; MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Portugal; FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil; European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Germany.

She is based in Berlin.

Email: vandrova@gmail.com
Website: www.venetaandrova.com


Veneta Androva
Photo: Veneta Androva

2018, Video, 15 min 26 sec

Oasis: 2800 square meters of gaming floor, 220 slot machines, 35 tables. This insulated and particular edifice was built in Jericho in 1998 as a casino. It represents the first largest private investment in the Palestinian territories, as well as the first major cross-border development project, involving Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. In the midst of a complex geopolitical situation, it was meant to be a fertile spot for investment and gaming and at the same time an instrument for facilitating communication and peace processes before being infested by corruption and conflicts. It closed its doors in 2000 shortly after beginning of the second Intifada. The so called „casino of the piece process“ remains till today fully equipped and hopes to reopen as soon as Israelis are allowed to freely access Jericho.



direct exposure on photo paper/photogram,

analogue, unique pieces (1-8), 24 x 30 cm

The photogram series Toys represents a range of objects directly exposed on photo paper. On display is a gathering of game objects from different contexts - war toys for children and sex toys for adults. A connecting element is the game as a form of play and an anthropological constant in human social interaction.