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Stanimir Genov, Sofia

Stanimir Genov  (b. 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria) accomplished his BA in Painting at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia (2002 - 2006) and MA in Painting at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia (2016 - 2018).

In the years 2007 - 2012 he was primarily interested in installation, video and sound. 2012, after his solo exhibition Paintings, Stanimir returned to painting as his main medium. So far, his work has been presented in numerous solo shows, including Excuse Me, Pistolet Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (2008), Clear!, The Fridge, Sofia (2011), Paintings, Yuzina Gallery, Sofia (2012), Exhibition, Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora Gallery, Kyustendil, Bulgaria (2015), Avalanche, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria (2016), Bouquet, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia (2017), Some thoughts doesn’t move, Cu29 Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2018) and Plain, Contemporary Space, Varna (2019).

In addition, Stanimir has participated in a number of group exhibitions, like Caution: Wet Paint!, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia (2015), Shifting Layers/Young Art at the Museum, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia (2017), Forms of Coexistence, Structura Gallery, Sofia (2017), All at Once, Structura Gallery, Sofia (2019) and Finale, Structura Gallery, Sofia (2019).


Email: stanimirgenov@abv.bg
Website: www.stanimir.eu


Stanimir Genov
Photo: archive of the artist.

"The main subject in my work are personal experiences. Placing myself in a working atmosphere built around the focus on small fragments of those experiences, I aim to re-experience them through the painting process rather than to describe them. This attitude allows me to somehow interrupt the logical path of my thinking and to enter into more surprising territories. I don’t aim to depict something but rather to amuse myself by what I’ve just depicted, so the result is more of a self-formed image than an artifact of the imagination."

 Stanimir Genov