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Finale Participating Artist

Radostin Sedevchev, Sofia

Radostin Sedevchev (b. Pernik) holds a bachelor and a master degree in Mural Painting from the National Academy of Art Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 2018 acquires a PhD in visual arts at the university of Gwlindwr, Wales and in the HfBK Dresden.

One of the main topics of his work is memory and the exploration of the past through found objects, photographs and documents and their new interpretation in the present.

In 2019 he had a solo show in Heerz Tooya Gallery in Veliko Tarnovo, in 2018 in the ICA Sofia and in 2017 in Vaska Emanuilova Gallery Sofia.

His installations were shown in the Sofia City Gallery, Ningbo Public Library China, HfBK gallery Dresden, Credo Bonum gallery, Goethe institute Bulgaria.

Email: radostinsedevchev@gmail.com
Website: www.radostinsedevchev.net


Radostin Sedevchev
Photo: Nevena Georgieva

To Plant You Some Beard

2019, wallpaper, papier-mâché, nails, found photograph


“To plant you some beard” is a family “game”, where an older male figure like the father or grandfather plants beard to their child/grandchild by rubbing their unshaved cheek to the kids face. The game does not discriminate between male and female kids where often beard is planted onto little girls. It is interpreted as an act of preparation for the harshness of the life to come. Here the game has turned into reality where the child is forced to inherit its father’s “beard”.