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Boryana Petkova, Paris/Sofia

Boryana Petkova (b. 1985 in Sofia, Bulgaria,) is a multidisciplinary artist graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 2011 and from the Academy of Art and design in Valenciennes (France) in 2015.

She lives and works between Paris and Sofia.


Boryana Petkova‘s work focuses mainly on the drawing – as a thought, action or result. She combines different disciplines – video, photography, sculpture, performance, installation or sound – exploring their interaction with the drawing.


In 2015 Petkova won a drawing prize Pierre David-Weill of the French Academy (France); 2016 she was nominated for BAZA AWARD for contemporary art and in 2017 she is a laureate of Contemporary Art Biennial of young contemporary creation of Mulhouse (France). 2019 her work was mentioned by the jury of Fénéon art award (Paris, France).


Email: boo.petkova@gmail.com
Website: www.boryanapetkova.com


Boryana Petkova
Photo: archive of the artist.

Two glass objects  (220 x 50 x 25 cm, each), drawings (220 x 220 cm)

Production of  the glass object: Meisenthal/France


The glass sculpture is a 'treeguard' divided into two parts, with the dimensions adapted to the human body.

It is  interacting with two  in situ drawings made in the space of the Structura gallery. The drawings are the same size and shape, but are executed in two different physical positions of the body - upright and lying down.



Reach out?


Drawing pencil on paper, drawing - 50 x 65 cm

Installation - variable

Drawing on the tip of the fingers of an outstretched hand installed at the height of the jump in the Structure Gallery space.