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Green Video Platform

CBC, Sofia

The members of the CBC (Creative Bar Curators Art Group) are curators and art managers with various levels of professional experience and different expertise. We have curated several projects on social topics and individually, each of the core members of the team has experience with curating and selection of many videos and contemporary art on this topic.

The team working on the Green Video Platform features Assen Vassilev (CBC manager and IT), Nadezhda Dzhakova (selection and publicity), Ivo Ivanov (technics and selection), Yovo Panchev (technics and selection) and others.

CBC is a non-profit contemporary art foundation operating with a cluster of independent project spaces in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities. As an international platform, we aim at an ambitious, trans-border interaction between Bulgarian and international art, artists and audiences.

We are a flexible team of experts, working professionally with distinguished institutions presenting contemporary art. Realizing artistic and curatorial projects our program features a series of events fostering development of the scene, opening it globally and creating market opportunities for contemporary art.

We produce exhibitions, events, publications, and training opportunities for diverse audiences. CBC unites and interacts with emerging and established artists, critics and curators, searching for efficient networking and collaborations.



Mobile: +359 877 731 240
Email: av.itpub@gmail.com

Website: http://www.cbcartgroup.org/


Vanja Kubadinska and Nadezhda Dzhakova;
Photo: CBC

Green Video Platform is a mobile public platform for bringing the art and its socially engaged message to the open public. With this we aim at both: a rehabilitation of artists as social critics and the outreach to unusual, new audiences through the very pluralistic media/language of the video art. We want more Bulgarian artists to consider environmental and social topics in their work, a wider Bulgarian audience for these artist and topics, more consideration and awareness for the social and global environment.


The project is a series of monthly screenings on the sidewalk screen of the Gallery "Assen Vassilev" on the busy Solunska Street. In the evening hours on a Friday evening we invite video artists / filmmakers to present their videos in the most informal context possible - on the wide sidewalk in front of the gallery where the screening takes place. For the screening the gallery showcase becomes a large back-projection screen and the public, passers-by, neighbors and the whole community can experience the original ideas of the artist about environmental and social issues and discuss them on the spot.


So far, Green Video Platform consists of a series of film screenings by video artists from European and Asian countries including social, community and environmental awareness issues.