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Venelin Shurelov - SubHuman Theatre

Venelin Shurelov, Sofia

Venelin Shurelov (born 1977). Assoc. Prof. PhD Venelin Shurelov studied Stage Design at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. Founder and lecturer at the MA programme in Digital Arts at the National Academy of Art (2008- ); Co-founder of DA Fest – the International Digital Art Festival (2009 - ) Co-founder of DA LAB Foundation (2018), Subhuman Theatre (2004) and the Via Pontica art group (2002-2005).

Venelin Shurelov is the author of various installations/performances, including the Drawing Machine (2005), Fantomat (2008), Orthoman (2009) Tabula Rasa (2010), Shooting Gallery (2012), Rotor (2016), presented at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz. In 2011 he realized his cyber lecture "Man Ex Machina", and in 2016 he presented his performance installation “Post-Everything” as a guest lecturer at the University of Towson, USA.

His multi-faceted projects include drawings, interactive installations, performances, digital technologies, video and art theory. He has a number of scenographic projects, solo and group exhibitions, as well as participations in festivals in Bulgaria, Europe and America. Venelin Shurelov has received a number of awards for his work in the realm of theatre and contemporary art. He lives and works in Sofia.

Website: www.subhumantheatre.com


Catalogue Cover
Photo courtesy V. Shurelov

Venelin Shurelov - SubHuman Theatre

Solo show at Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia
29.11.2018 – 11.01.2019

Curator: Galina Dimitrova-Dimova

The exhibition at the Credo Bonum Gallery includes a selection of works created within the framework of SubHuman Theatre – the platform that the artist has been working on since 2004.  Subhuman Theatre is an emanation of the artist’s philosophical and existential contemplations and his interpretation of the increasingly technological everyday life of contemporary humans. Basic human values clash in the search for the subproduct derived by the multitude of situations and conflicts of contemporary life. SubHuman Theatre emphasizes thoughts and concepts without underestimating the role of visual aesthetics. It does not bow to the complex intellectual construct dominating the process but rather leads to a synthesized, visually perfected form. The artist thus creates his own visual code, easily recognizable in each of his works.

Visitors have the chance to see some of Venelin Shurelov’s key works brought together for the first time – Fantomat, Orthoman, the Drawing Machine, Tabula Rasa, Rotor, Man ex Machina, Post-everything, etc., shown in their original form or in documentation. The exhibition also features the artist’s newest project Evolved Peripatetic with Spots on Himself. Within the show is presented the catalogue comprising the creative research of the artist in his 20 years artistic practice.