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Past - Present: Utopian dream for a nu(un)clear future

Michaela Lakova, Rotterdam

Michaela Lakova (BG/NL) is a visual artist and researcher currently based in Rotterdam.
Subjects of interest are electronic errors, systems malfunction and the inevitable generation of data traces and its problematic resistance to deletion. She completed a Master program in Media Design and Communication at Piet Zwart Institute in 2014 and holds a BA (NATFA) in Stage and Screen Design.

Her works have been shown in international media art festivals and exhibitions such as: Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain; Art Meets Radical Openness (AMRO 2016) Linz, Austria; Radical Networks (2015), NYU, New York, USA; What Remains - Strategies of Saving and Deleting, esc medien kunst labor, Graz, Austria; Unlinked (2014), TENT Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands; ZK/U (2015), Berlin, Germany; Piksel Festival (2014), Bergen, Norway and Artists in Residency at Intercambiador ACART (2016), Madrid, Spain.

Recently Michaela has completed an online residency at x-temporary, had a solo show in Æther Sofia and а screening at Æther Hague.

Mobile: +31 619 408 700
Email: michaela.lakova@gmail.com
Website: http://mlakova.org


Michaela Lakova
Photo: Yana Lozeva

Past - Present: Utopian dream for a nu(un)clear future

19 - 29 September 2018
Æther Art Space,

In Past-Present: Utopian dream for a nu(un)clear future, a solo exhibition at Æther, Michaela Lakova is showing a body of works related to the past and future of nuclear energy. Michaela’s works artistically investigate issues of historical relevance in Chernobyl where the remnants of nuclear energetics, human activity and memories of the biggest nuclear disaster are still present and in parallel to the small Danube town of Belene where the desire for developing nuclear energy remains strong.

What is the future of the still unrealized Belene Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)? A promise? Is the second nuclear power plant means to cheaper nuclear power, providing an export and economic prosperity to the region or is it just another corruption deal? Belene NPP is rather a multi-layered political game, which involves foreign interests and influence. Proven to be a non-economic and an environmentally unfriendly project, the nuclear station cost billions of euros worth in construction and equipment – a project frozen in time.