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Returning (catalogue)

Stanislav Pamouktchiev, Sofia

Born in 1953 in Sofia, where he lives and works.

He graduated in Mural Painting from the National Academy of Art, where he is now a professor.


His works have been exhibited in over 50 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, the US and France, as well as in numerous group exhibitions: The Bulgarian Collection of Imago Mundi, Benetton Collection, Venice, Italy (2015); Hangzhou, China (2014); Sculpture and Object, Bratislava, Slovakia (2011); Collection of the European Parliament, Brussels (2011); Arena Vestfossen, Oslo, Norway; Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany (2008).


He also exhibited in Czech Republic, India, Venezuela, UK and USA.


Prof. Pamoukchiev has participated in the following art festivals and fairs: Art Zurich, Switzerland; Art Fair, Stockholm; Art Fest, Strasbourg, France; Lineart, Gent, Belgium; Miart, Milan, Italy; Art Junction, Cannes, France; Art Fest, Basel, Switzerland.


2016 he was awarded the 1st Class Order of St. St. Cyril and Methodius; 2015 – The National Award Vladimir Dimitrov - Maistora (2015); 2004 - Zahari Zograph Award and 1996 he won the Grand Prix of International Painting Triennial, Sofia.

Email: spamukchiev@yahoo.com


Stanislav Pamouktchiev
Photo courtesy the artist.

A Catalogue
Published 2018 in Sofia.

This catalogue was published on Stanislav Pamouktchiev's retrospective exhibition at The National Art Gallery – The Palace, 2016. It presents some of the author’s most significant projects created between 2001 and 2017: Transition. Markers on the Way, 2016; Beginnings, 2004; White Room, 2006; Chronotopes, 2009; Finite/Infinite, 2013; Ash Paintings, 2013; Cryptoses, 2015; Sedimentary Time, 2016; Returning / UBA and Art Center Hugo Voeten, Belgium, 2017;


Texts by: Academician Svetlin Russev, Prof. Nicolai Maistorov, Prof. Dr. Peter Tsanev, Prof. Dr. Valentin Angelov, Prof. Anna Topaldjikova, Prof. Ivan Dobchev, Docent Georgi Lozanov, Dr. Svetlana Kuyumdjieva, Dr. Galina Dekova, Dr. Nadezhda Djakova, Dr. Kiril Vassilev, Philip Zidarov, Iskra Trayanova, Simon Delobel and Prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev


"Built up from ashes, charcoal, earth, hay, and metal, the paintings assault the senses and the psyche revealing their elemental power and symbolic and semantic value. These canvases’ energies stir up a feeling of nature, substance and truthfulness as well as intuitions of the phenomenological and the universal. “Live” meanings have been sought for within the layers of in-depth psychicness, in the steadfast archetypal figures carrying the energies of life. The return to the primeval and the mythological is a mystic transportation, a dissolution in the Great Time where past, present and future enter the infiniteness of the eternally repeating creation and disintegration, chaos and will for a new beginning..."

Stanislav Pamouktchiev


The catalogue is published with the support of the National Art Gallery, National Academy of Art, and the Union of the Bulgarian Artists, Art Center Hugo Voeten as well as the support of the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art.