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Sounds of Sea, Heart and Sun

Svetlana Mircheva, Sofia

Svetlana Mircheva lives and works in Sofia. She graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. In 2004 she was awarded the International Media Art Award of ZKM, Karlsruhe, for her project Mistakes. In 2010 she was among the nominees for the BAZA award for young artists and in 2012 she was the Bulgarian nomination for Henkel Art Award for East European Art. In 2015 she was one of the artists in Focus Bulgaria at Vienna Contemporary.

Her solo exhibitions are: Random Show, Vaska Emanouilova, Sofia (2011), Possible Exhibitions, Nurture Art, New York (2012), 103 Mistakes, Olivier Boissiere / Un Cabinet D’Amateur, Sofia (2012), Images of the Word, Olivier Boissiere / Un Cabinet D’Amateur, Sofia (2014), Sounds of Sea, Heart and Sun, Contemporary Space, Varna (2018).


She took part in group exhibitions in Sofia City Art Gallery (2010); WUK, Vienna (2010); MMOMA, Moscow (2010); ISCP, New York (2010); Periscope, Salzburg (2010); Interstate Projects, New York (2013); #LowTechLab, London (2016); Sofia Arsenal-Museum for Contemporary Art (2016); National Academy of Art Gallery, Sofia (2016); Aether, Sofia (2017); KulturKontakt, Vienna (2017); Detmag, Plovdiv (2017); #LowTechLab, Valencia (2017); Goethe Institut, Sofia (2017); Sofia City Art Gallery (2017); Structura Gallery, Sofia (2017);  Contemporary Space, Varna (2018).

Email: svetlana.mircheva@gmail.com
Website: http://www.svetlanamircheva.com/


Svetlana Mircheva
Photo courtesy Goethe Institute

Sounds of Sea, Heart and Sun

February 6 – March 6, 2018

Contempoaray Space, Varna



The solo exhibition by Svetlana Mircheva Sounds from Sea, Heart and Sun, in Contemporary Space, Varna, shows three installations - Sound Landscape, Parallel Sounds and Sounds from Sea, Heart and Sun, in which the composer is Angel Simitchiev.


Gathered in one place, the three works sound and surround the space, reflecting each other's parallel existence, in which an object, image, light and sound meet, bend, throw back, reverberate and reach us.



What does a sound look like? There arises the idea that the sound may take shape, be translated into the language of images, and speak back to us.

What sound can shake me up? There comes the thought of the emotion of sound, I think of a sound that can send imagination far away, carry it away, dissolve it.

Can form be translated into music? Simple shapes can create rhythm, pulsation, and bright colors –give a sensation of tone. And where else would sound form be located, if not in the air?

In the three works, there is a continuous flow of transition and crossing of the fields of sound and visual, passing through the imaginary. The sound is rendered into an object and reflects back in music; it flashes in the air like a light kinetic sculpture, but it can also be heard.

Angel Simitchiev composes using my recordings and with imagination, as if he restores the image of sound in its original musical form, with hypnotic and cosmic changes in the state of the mind.

And maybe there, between the two worlds of sound and image, is the place of the elusive?

Svetlana Mircheva