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Sofia Underground Art Festival 2017 - hundred / сто

Sofia Underground, Sofia

The team that organizes Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, since 2013, has developed through the evolving creative interaction between Studio DAUHAUS and eXAF.org - both experienced in the fields of visual arts, electronic music culture, design, also cultural studies and art history, curating and arts management.

The teams of eXAF.org and Studio DAUHAUS work within a broad independent contemporary culturescape, while  focusing on its liminality as a generative condition. They work on diverse projects promoting a personal approach to visual arts and music, with a special emphasis on media arts and performance art, and marked with a taste for experimental collaborative happenings.

Email: info@sofiaunderground.com
Website: http://sofiaunderground.com


Sofia Underground 2017 Poster
Image: Courtesy Sofia Underground

In 2017 Sofia Underground celebrated its 20th anniversary. The main program of the contemporary and performance art festival happened between 24th April and 1st May. The topic of the selected projects was time as a constant force, limitation and abstract influence with artistic director Ivo Ivanov.

As before the program was separated in three thematic parts:

  - Higher Ground - educational part with lectures, screenings, presentations etc.

  - Overground - exhibition part.

  - Underground - performances and party.

For the first time the organizer added a fourth part with actions - Highest Ground, which happened high up the Vitosha Mountain.

Involving various institutional and public locations, more than 65 artists from over 30 countries and 3000+ visitors this was the most successful and internationally recognised edition of the event so far. In a satellite event in the end of May Sofia Underground also presented a travelling project as part of documenta14.