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Walk & Talk with Luchezar Boyadjiev

Open Arts Foundation and Sariev Contemporary Gallery, Plovdiv

The platform Introduction to Contemporary Art is a joint project between the Open Arts Foundation and SARIEV Contemporary.


Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv is one of the leading cultural organizations in Bulgaria, working for sustainable development and the creation of new models and practices to support the Bulgarian contemporary culture. Open Arts’ projects have a wide network of partner organizations, widespread public recognition, numerous awards and many followers. The foundation develops its projects in three main programs:

 - Night of the Museums and Galleries

 - City and Culture

 - Educational Program - Introduction to Contemporary Art developed with SARIEV Contemporary Gallery.


Open Arts Foundation was founded in 2007 in Plovdiv, where it is developing a major part of its activities under the programs Night of Museums and Galleries and City and Culture. In 2011 the foundation started in Sofia the platform Introduction to Contemporary Art, with an annual program. In 2015, Open Arts initiated and implemented its first international project Focus:Bulgaria part of the international fair for contemporary art viennacontemporary.


Open Arts Foundation was founded by Katrin and Vesselina Sarievi.



Email: info@openarts.info
Website: www.openarts.info


The Walk&Talk flyer
Photo: Courtesy Open Art Foundation

Introduction to Contemporary Art

Walk & Talk with Luchezar Boyadjiev


In 2016 during the months May till October that are pleasent for taking walks around Sofia, the artist Luchezar Boyadjiev realized four walk-and-talk lecture tours as part of the educational platform Introduction to Contemporary Art of the Open Arts Foundation and Sariev Contemporary Gallery.

In the course of these tours, each one with an itinerary specially conceived by the author, the participants were following him from the most popular places in town to locations that are invisible even to the seasoned Sofia people. One of the artist’s objectives was to deconstruct a myth deeply ingrained in many minds that there is no connection between contemporary art and the life of people and the city.” Another one – to discover the places of (shared) wisdom in Sofia. In each city there are shared places of memory but the memories themselves are different (hence, the debate over specific public monuments). Boyadjiev elaborates on the notion that each debate and argument, each artistic project in public space is accumulating wisdom. The “accumulated wisdom” is the history of the city - it includes the official as much as the collective ones, those of small communities, the family and the personal memory as well.


This cycle of lecture tours was especially developed for and by invitation from the educational platform Introduction to Contemporary Art for its sixth edition. A month after the last tour a special exhibition was organized in ICA-Sofia. The show was offering video documentation of the four tours, filmed by Kalin Serapionov and edited in collaboration with Boyadjiev. The exhibition also featured the multitude of “photo-specimens” used by Boyadjiev during the tours in order to provoke and seduce the audience to the “places of wisdom”.


The Gaudenz B. Ruf Award supported the project for making the video archive of the tours, thus making the lectures available to a wider audience. The video archive could be found at: https://goo.gl/Qy30yA


More about the project: http://openarts.info/walk-talk-with-luchezar-boyadjiev/



Organizers: Open Arts Foundation and SARIEV Contemporary

The project “Introduction in Contemporary Art 2016 – Sofia is sponsored by the Culture Program of the Sofia Municipality for 2016.

With the support of the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award.

Partners: National Art Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia.

Media Partners: Vij! Sofia, Timeart.me, Stand.bg, artnewscafé bulletin, Egoist