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Inner Conflicts - Sofia Underground Art Festival 2016

Sofia Underground, Sofia

Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival is a contemporary art festival dedicated to the border art forms of live art, performance and action. Founded by art critic and activist Ruen Ruenov (1958-2011) in 1997, it first started as a widespread happening with a long-running performance program – a reaction to the social crisis of that time. Ever since, with a few short breaks, this event has developed a prominent sensitivity towards public processes and the dynamics of the local art scene.

Twenty years later Sofia Underground has evolved into a forum, an event that showcases and debates contemporary art in interaction with the independent scene. A meeting where emerging and established, local and international artists can experiment, create, exchange and collaborate spontaneously on the fly. A space and time continuum with it's own unique energy and atmosphere. A form of resistance, of sober questioning of reality with the means of art.

Email: 2016@sofiaunderground.com
Website: http://sofiaunderground.com/


Sofia Underground 2016 Poster 
Design: Nencho Balkansky

Sofia Underground - Art Festival 2016

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We try to bring a bit of consciousness and beauty in a mainly consumption-based society. Not being influenced by religion or politics we struggle for open multi-cultural spaces and diverse point of view.

We aim at:

 - giving assistance, popularizing and promoting debut artists;

 - establishing a creative and beneficial connection between young artists and
   recognized organizations/businesses;

 - discovering talents and emboldening constructive thinking among the rising

When a possibility occurs we endeavour to grant funds, supplies and scholarships; to arrange exhibitions, performances, workshops; to participate in exchange programs with similar organizations and educational institutions.