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1.5 km of...

IVAN ASEN 22, Sofia

Conceptual designers‘ platform and

Foundation for the presentation and support of contemporary designers


IVAN ASEN 22 Foundation for the support of contemporary designers offers a conceptual platform for the presentation of progressive fashion design.


- works with the most progressive young professionally educated designers with 

  innovative way of thinking
- presents designers’ garments, collections and accessories by the means of visual

  forms of the present in an individual interior
- elaborates a curatorial concept defining special themes for the framework of the

  events presenting the designers’ works
- discovers and exhibits new names in the field of contemporary design

- works with national and international partners and involves the designers into

  international projects

- establishes contacts and work possibilities for the designers

Founded in 2007 by the designer Neli Mitewa, the IVAN ASEN 22 platform established itself as an original, one of its kind initiative for creating, developing and presenting of designers’ concepts, involving young designers of the new, professionally educated generation. The garments, collections and accessories, created upon a curatorial concept, are presented in the artistic spaces of the showroom. Its interior changes in accordance with the exhibitions‘ themes and implicates the public into an exceptional sensual experience.

The alternative approach of IVAN ASEN 22 is distinguished by its anti-elitarity: The aim is the maximum closeness of the designer to the customer, the possibility for contact, exchange and feedback.

IVAN ASEN 22 works with a constant team of partners: young designers and artists, as well as with institutional partners, organizations, private companies, supporters and friends.

IVAN ASEN 22 aims to create intellectual design and fair locally based production, develops in co-authorship and exhibits both conceptual and contemporary clothes, applicable for the everyday with an individual mind and a professional, high-quality workmanship, and helps to create a conscious style of life.


Mobile: +359 888 399 506
Email: nelmit@yahoo.de


Logo of IVAN ASEN 22

1,5 km of…

a group exhibition: a space installation of conceptual fashion and video

curated by Neli Mitewa, IVAN ASEN 22 conceptual designers’ platform

July 21st – September 4th, 2016

SAMCA Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art


1,5 km of...  is a visual story about our attempts to perceive and interpret distances, achieved by the means of expression of conceptual fashion and video, presented as a space installation.

Using a preliminary “frame”- a common starting material: 1,5 km of recycled elastic bands in black and white, the fashion design team of IVAN ASEN 22 conceptual designers’ platform creates conceptual, sculptural garments in the context of the body in which it can find place or become part of, while their proportions and materiality should not necessarily match with it.

The conceptual link between the single designers’ interpretations is accomplished by the video they are accompanied by, in which Alexandra Spassova experiences 1.5 km of poetically absurd situations in front of the lens of Boryana Pandova. Pistolet design studio unites them in a common spatial installation, consistent with the architectural features of the museum.

Participating fashion designers from the team of IVAN ASEN 22 conceptual designers' platform:

Alexander GERGINOV





Radostina KLINKOVA

Stanislava DIMITROVA & Antoniya RAYCHEVA




idea and realization: Boryana PANDOVA, Iva SVESHTAROVA, Momchil TASEV, Neli MITEWA

featuring: Alexandra SPASOVA

camera and editing: Boryana PANDOVA

hair and makeup: Marina CHANEVA

music: TWISTED KEYBORG with the voice of Elina K.

set design: PISTOLET design studio


The exhibition is part of the SPACE-AUDIENCE curatorial program of Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art and is supported by BIODERMA and Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art.

Vimeo-link to the fashion video: https://vimeo.com/175791722