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τόπος - topographies - ...topias (group exhibition)

Topos Group, Sofia

The Topos group was formed by artists that work with various media and use different visual languages. However they share an interest in questioning reality instead of simply depicting it. Thus by re-thinking common places and situations or through creating thoroughly new fictitious worlds they offer the audience a different and challenging visual experience.

Participating artists:
  Alexander Valchev
  Dan Tenev
  Dessislava Morosova
  Georgi Ruzhev
  Ivo Bistrichki
  Kamen Startchev
  Peter Tzanev
  Rossen Toshev
  Slav Nedev
  Stela Vasileva
  Stefan Petrunov
  Philp Popoff

Curator: Slav Nedev

Mobile: +359 887 833 813
Email: slav_nedev@gmx.net


Exhibition Poster
Design: Slav Nedev

τόπος - topographies - ...topias 
a group exhibition
Curated by Slav Nedev

13 May - 8 June 2016
Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia

"Things need to have space first [of all]"



The Ancient Greeks had two words for "Place" that partially overlap but still have different meanings. These are chóra (Greek χώρα, region/world) and tópos (Greek τόποσς, region/place). With a certain simplification we could say that if chóra is a place in general, tópos is a differentiated place that contains other things and is defined by those things, i.e. a place that is rationalized through its content.

A quick historical review will show that the place has always been and remains of primary importance to man and every living creature. An importance that often leads to arguments and even wars. Countless expeditions have been made in the past to discover and conquer new territories. Expeditions are made even today but in space. For every enterprise, for every specific activity places are necessary that have specific qualities and that should be developed or prepared in specific ways. Sciences have emerged (geography, topography etc.) that explore the place in its various aspects. There is a multitude of activities (architecture, construction etc.) whose purposes are the transformation and the utilization of the place. Various social and political projects have been made, fictitious or (semi-)realized with varying success, for which enormous efforts and lots of people have been sacrificed.  Even today we witness large immigrant flows to supposedly better places for life.

... Because to have place means to exist.


The exhibition offers various views on the Place (τόπος) as an open, differentiated, explored and developed space; developed not only as a fait accompli but as a process and project as well.

Slav Nedev

Catalogue of the exhibition: http://goo.gl/Stcflw

More about the exhibition could be found at the following websites:

Project page: https://goo.gl/1kKvDe
Facebook page: https://goo.gl/mqnQWJ