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25 Artists' Art Alternatives

Art in Action Association, Sofia

Art in Action Association is a non-governmental organization for a private benefit, established and registered in 1990. The main purpose stated in its statute is “to act towards the creation of a Bulgarian Center for Modern Art”. Through its cultural activities the association aims at supporting the preparation and realization of young talents interested in modern art forms – art performances, art installations, video art, experimental music, etc. Art in Action’s members amount to 17 authors from different art fields, who take part in the activities along with many volunteers (mostly students).

In 2015 Art in Action Association celebrated its 25th anniversary. During this quarter-centennial period, the association’s members and the episodical participants in its activities (representatives of different generations) have realized a considerable amount of artistic projects, campaigns, works of art and publications in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of forms of modern art and art pedagogy, presented in the exhibition.

Email: art_in_action@mail.bg
Website: www.artinaction.eu


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Photo: Courtesy Art in Action

25 Artists' Art Alternatives
(A Project of Art in Action Association)

The main objective of the project is to present part of the creative achievements (group and individual) of more than 30 artists associated with the activities of Art in Action Association. This is an attempt for systematization and summary of the overall picture of artistic life associated with the activities of the Association during the past 25 years.


The project includes:

Realization of an exhibition on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Art in Action Association in Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art (SAMCA) (22.10 - 06.12.2015). The exhibition presents more than 30 artists and documentation of the activities of the association Art in Action Association in its 25-year activity. Along with installations and conceptual works created especially for the exhibition it includes documentary photographs, prints and videos that reflect the main sections of the activities of Art in Action: participation in international and regional festivals for contemporary art exhibitions, art happenings, performances, cultural and educational projects at home and abroad.


Besides the exhibition, the project includes Performance Evening (25.11.2015, National Cultural Center Anton Strashimirov – cinema Vlaykova). Тen group and individual live performances were presented, along with video projection and music (experimental improvisations).


The project ends with printing of a catalog that reflects all the events.