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Without Distance

Sculpture Depository, Sofia

Sculpture Depository
is a non-governmental organization working in the field of art and culture and aiming at supporting and promoting sculptors and other artists.

The organization aims at presenting different artistic views to popularize contemporary sculpture, the way it is perceived by the professional and non-professional audience, at attracting new specific audiences of different generations, as well as documenting and exploring its development.  Considering the context in which contemporary Bulgarian sculpture is developing – that is lack of common values, solidarity and group responsibility – the underlying idea of the organization is to build communities in order to develop its full potential and to demonstrate the possibility for compatibility of individualities to its full extent.

Email: sculpturedepository@gmail.com


Sculpture Depository Logo
Photo: Sculpture Depository

The catalogue Without Distance gives information about the spring 2015 exhibition in Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, which showcased the works of twenty-one Bulgarian artists, working in the field of sculpture, who had finished their education after 1989. At this exhibition each artist presented a work that suited specific conceptual requirements of the organizers Pavlin Radevski, Kamen Tsvetkov, Ivaylo Avramov, Simeon Simeonov and the curator Kiril Vasilev. The catalogue documents the embodiment of this concept of transformed gallery space formed through the reaction of the artists to meet the requirements. What was intentionally left out from the exhibition were the texts tracing the story of the works of art in the process of their creation, because the exhibition sought to create a specific environment with an element of anonymity. That is why the catalogue includes these texts by the authors giving an insight into their creative ideas, as presumptions, before and after the creation of their works so that they are better understood by the audience. The texts are linked to photographs of each sculptural work and on the last pages a short professional biography of every participant can be found.


The catalogue Without Distance is a short document of the event that took place in Rayko Aleksiev Gallery and at the same time it is its continuation in a new and open educational-informational form.