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Vitto Valentinov, Sofia

Born in 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Works in the field of mixed media and interactive art installations. He studied mural painting at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia (1997-1999), after which he graduated from the AKI Academy for Art & Design (1999-2004) and Dutch Art Institute (2004-2006) in Enschede, the Netherlands. In 2006, he returned to Bulgaria and specialized in Film Directing at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (2007-2009). In 2006 he made his film debut with the short film „Falling on the Fovea”, a joint project with Kristina Yanachkova, which participated in „The Projection Project” exhibition at the MuHKA Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp. Vitto Valentinov has numerous participations in exhibitions and festivals in Bulgaria and abroad, among them: Biennale de Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam; Sofia Design Week (2012); Contempo - International Art Festival (2014); TEDxBG (2014); Space SSEE Gallery, Daejeon, South Korea; CEC Artslink Residency in Cincinnati, USA; ICA, Sofia and SAMCA, Sofia.

Email: vittovalentinov@gmail.com
Websiyte: www.vittovalentinov.com





Vitto Valentinov

Photo: Vitto Valentinov

In BALANCE two participants sit from the two sides of a very sensitive lab scale and follow instructions. Zoomed camera shows the close up of the action to the audience. Participants’ goal is to maintain the balance between one another and keep it as long as they can. Thus, BALANCE aims for a dialog.


In BALANCE the participants are involved in an experiment, which requires minimal physical activity, but full body and mind concentration. BALANCE is the second project from a series of interactive installations, in which the participant’s body is subject of “research”.