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The Untold Bulgarian Abstraction

P. Tzanev, St. Pamukchiev, Sofia

Peter Tzanev is Professor of Art Psychology at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. His publications include Psychological Approaches to the History of Art (2009) and Psychology of Art (2008).


Stanislav Pamukchiev is Professor at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. Among his awards are National Award for Painting Zahari Zograf (2004) and Grand Prize of the International Painting Triennial in Sofia (1996).

Email: peter_tzanev@yahoo.com


The Untold Bulgarian Abstraction front cover

Photo: Peter Tzanev




The Untold Bulgarian Abstraction

A Book by Peter Tzanev and Stanislav Pamukchiev



Abstraction and abstract art in Bulgaria have never been subject to a comprehensive study or presentation. The fragmentary theoretical interpretation on the topic reveals an unusually controversial attitude towards abstraction as an artistic phenomenon in the history of Bulgarian art. At the same time the work of a large number of Bulgarian artists from different generations testifies for the presence of a constant interest and commitment to the ideas of abstract art. “The Untold Bulgarian Abstraction” is a book that takes this situation as its starting point.


The book has two parts. The first part addresses the issue of abstraction in the context of the history of Bulgarian art and Bulgarian art theory trying to outline the specific development of ideas and interpretations relating to abstraction in different historical periods. The second part of the book is a catalogue of artworks included in the curatorial project “The Untold Abstraction” - an exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia from 12 until 31 May 2014. The catalogue offers numerous documented thoughts and texts by the artists themselves and various texts about them and their works from a large number of art historians and art critics.


Publisher: © Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia

Autors: © Peter Tzanev & Stanislav Pamukchiev

Languages: English/Bulgarian

176 pages

Printed in Bulgaria by FATUM

ISBN: 978-954-92096-7-9


The book has been supported by the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award.