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Vladiya Mihaylova

Born 1981 in Radomir

Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Vladiya Mihaylova is a curator and cultural theorist. She is in charge of the programs for contemporary art and young artists at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, branch of the municipal Sofia City Art Gallery and is a part-time assistant at the Sofia University. Mihaylova collaborates with many art newspapers and magazines in Bulgaria and her texts have been published in various catalogues and art editions worldwide, among them weekly newspaper Culture, magazines  LIK and Flash Art, the online journal Piron, etc.




Mobile: +359 885 836 600
Email: vladiya_mihaylova@yahoo.com
Website: http://veg.sghg.bg/en/





Vladiya Mihaylova

Photo: Kalin Serapionov



The works by some of the young artists active in the Bulgarian art scene are an expression of irritation as well as a critical comment on the processes in today’s world. They are re/actions to our way of living, to the political and economic boundaries that today penetrate our bodies and raise emotions, frustrations, inner self/control or disobedience. Some of the works take place during the exhibition, outside the gallery, while others present archives, documents, and texts.

Kamen Stoyanov transforms an empty billboard frame into a „monument“ of capitalism; Stanimir Genov writes with an impact drill the word “sorry” in  Lyulin residential district in Sofia; Ani Vaseva and Boyan Manchev present in the gallery the real and virtual archive of their performance “S”; Iskra Blagoeva explores the relation between the beauty industry and pop culture; Kiril Kuzmanov questions the places and ways of exhibiting art in the local environment and in the global art world forums; Vikenti Komitski comments on the cliché notion of the artist-genius who unilaterally determines his communication with the viewer.

The works do not refer to specific civil platforms, political ideas or “slogans”, they rather visualize processes that already exist in the society.


Vladiya Mihaylova, curator